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Top Tips for Teaching a Stimulating Math Curriculum as a Beginner

If you’re a newbie math teacher, don’t let those jitters bug you. Later on, you will realize that it’s really a matter of building good rapport with your students. Question: how does that happen?


First off, everything that’s new is scary, especially teaching math. However, you don’t have to let it show. In fact, just try not to look too serious. Your students will even love you for making the school’s math curriculum seem easy. Sometimes, it’s really about perspective and mind-conditioning, especially with a dash of humor.

Be in control.

Even the best math curriculum won’t work if your class is out of contro, so don’t mind delaying the lessons a bit if there are discipline issues to be addressed. This is better than dealing with mounting behavior problems all year long. The best thing to do is to define what behaviors are acceptable and unacceptable right from the beginning so you’re both on the same page.

Encourage student involvement.

Encouraging group work among students is a great way to teach a math curriculum. We all know that this subject isn’t the easiest, so learning it with a study partner can help. This system can even help maintain order among the students, who will now have no choice but to work together as a team. Having a contest among the different groups can also be a good strategy to make a math curriculum more effective.

Motivate the students.

It’s smart to start the school year knowing what your students’ problem areas are and to tailor your approach accordingly. School responsibilities can a a huge burden to students, but if you are sincere in what you do and they see that, they may compensate you with hard work themselves.

Don’t be boring.

Let’s face it – any math curriculum is boring when presented no differently from day to day. In short, let those creative juice flow! Projects don’t have to be expensive, just out of the ordinary.

Be a good planner.

Some things are best unplanned, but if you’re a math teacher, planning could be key. Your class will be busy and have no time to think of mischief. Plan extra things they can do that will be challenging to them. For example, students who finish an exam faster can work on extra assignments that can earn them bonus points.

Get your priorities straight.

Lastly, keep in mind that prioritization is a skill you have to master in life, but especially so if you’re a math teacher. Begin with a diary where you can write down your tasks in order of importance. Let it also be a reminder that you don’t have to do everything that’s expected of you. If you are free, feel free to enjoy yourself.

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