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Overview of Children Anxiety

From time to time, depending on the condition, people become anxious. Everybody can be affected by anxiety regardless of their class and age. Anxiety is an issue to worry about if it is uncontrollable and frequent. Anxiety disorder is risky to be can prevent the child from engaging in the day to day activities. Some of the problems with the children’s anxiety includes low grades, substance abuse, and unable to get the correct social experience.

There are different kinds of children anxiety that one may experience. When there are endless triggers of the anxiety in a child, then that is called generalized anxiety disorder. If the cause of the anxiety is unknown, it is called panic disorder. Separation anxiety disorder is when the child is in fear when their parent or guardian is no longer visible. A child with social anxiety disorder does not like to socialize or be with other people.

environmental, family, and biological factors cause anxiety in the children. Biologically, it happens when the neurotransmitters serotonin and dopamine excessively produced in the brain. The condition can also be inherited, just like other medical conditions. The behavior of the parent or the guardian will influence the behavior of the child. One more cause of this condition is the traumatic condition. Examples of these conditions are illness, divorce, death, and family conflict.

Determination of whether a child is anxious is simple. The symptoms can either be emotional or physical. `The child will have a rapid heartbeat and breathing. They will shake, tingle, and sweating. The child will feel very tired after the anxiety attack. On the other hand, there are many emotional system toms that you should watch. They will be worried and reluctant to go to school. It will be problematic for the child to sleep and relax. They will be irritable and unable to concentrate. Generally, there are many issues that can trigger anxiety in children.

In the case your child is having the problem of anxiety, then you should be calm when you are with them. You should remember that you are the person who they will see help in this time. Let the child know the correct way that they are supposed to deal with a problem and self-assurance; one mistake that people make is over assurance. Teach the child how they can face the situation that they fear. There are books that you can buy for your child to help them deal with the uncertain situation. Positive affirmation, breathing exercise, emotional charts, and though exercise is some of the things, you will find in these books. If the anxiety is too much to control, the medical advice.

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