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Factors that Make CBD Oil Different from Cannabis Oil

Hemp and marijuana are not the same plants, but they are species of cannabis. CBD oil also called hemp oil or CBD hemp oil. The oil that is extracted from marijuana is cannabis oil, but oil from the hemp plant is called CBD oil. These are the outstanding differences between CBD hemp oil and cannabis oil.

CBD oil from hemp has been legalized in the US, but cannabis oil is still illegal. The relevant authorities and the police in the US will not mind if they find you in possession of CBD oil products, but you will be in deep trouble if they get you with cannabis oil products because they will arrest you for drug and substance abuse. US laws allow you to grow marijuana for manufacturing medicinal CBD oil, manufacture and sell CBD oil products but you are barred from doing this for cannabis oil products. The US allows people to export CBD oil products across the boundaries to nations that allow consumption of marijuana, but you will be drug trafficking if you export cannabis oil products.

CBD oil and cannabis oil are produced from different parts of a plant. Cannabinoids are high in the flowers, seeds, and stems of the hemp plant; therefore, CBD oil is extracted from these parts. Cannabis oil that is extracted from the flowers of Marijuana only for they are the only parts of marijuana that have a high content of cannabinoids.

The purposes of CBD oil and cannabis oil are different. CBD oil from hemp is medicinal, especially for diseases that cause so much pain like arthritis and glaucoma, surgery and so on while cannabis oil is for recreation to make people feel high. CBD oil has elements that stimulate the endocannabinoid system that will boost chemical balance in the body. Cannabis oil relieves pain faster than CBD oil because it has unregulated sedative elements, unlike medicinal CBD.

You will feel different when you take cannabis oil compared to CBD oil. Cannabis oil causes hallucinations and addiction, but CBD oil will make you relaxed and alert of the environment you are in. If your pain is too much to bear or depressed doctors will give you cannabis oil to reduce the pain but not to male you hallucinate or get addicted to it.

The cannabidiol contents of hemp oil and cannabis oil differ. Most CBD oils are a mixture of CBD oil with terpenes and cannabinoids from the hemp plant. The two have a difference in the ratio of THC and CBD. CBD oil has more CBD than THC elements and vice versa is true for cannabis oil. CBD oil has 0.3% legal limit of THC levels, but cannabis oil has 5% to 30% THC levels.

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